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But no one remembers the cowards, really.


Sometimes i forget that this show is set in the 90s. And then i get reminded again.


Finn: Words versus Thoughts


There is something so endearing about Finn’s look of utter disbelief at Rae’s suggestion that he date anyone other than her. 

Finn + his crush on Rae


@dreamlandprincess asked:

Imagine Finn having to go tell Rae that Archie’s not showing up.

myrefugetoseerob asked:

Imagine Finn when he saw Rae dressed like Chloe to meet Archie. 

Finn takes off his helmet as he approaches the cafe where Rae is waiting for Archie.  He’s not sure why he agreed to be Archie’s errand boy. What is Archie doing meeting Rae at a cafe anyway? He made it sound casual when he told Finn about it, so at least it wasn’t another fake date. But Archie insisted he couldn’t make it, and Finn didn’t like the thought of Rae sitting around waiting for him by herself. They are friends after all. It’s the least he can do. Although, now that he thinks of it, she probably wouldn’t afford him the same courtesy. Whatever. Finn is painfully aware that he was a dick to her from day one. He deserves what he gets. 

He spots Rae right away.

"What are you doing here?" she asks, as antagonistic as ever.

"I’ve just seen Archie. He ain’t coming. He said to say…" Finn suddenly feels very self-conscious. "Well, he said to say that, really." He wonders why it didn’t occur to him before to ask Archie why exactly he couldn’t come.

"Right." Rae conspicuously refuses to make eye contact with him, but Finn is too busy trying to wrap his head around her outfit anyway. Something is off here. Is she wearing a sparkly pink top? And makeup?

"Why are you dressed like Chloe?" he asks without thinking. 

"I’m not dressed like Chloe" she throws out instantly, still avoiding eye contact. 

Oh shit. It was a date. Obviously, it was a date. What an idiot Finn is. Fuckin’ Archie. How could he do this? To Finn and to Rae! What an asshole.

But “OK” is all he can muster up to say. He doesn’t want to make her any more upset than she already is. 

"See you later, then." He feels like a jerk leaving her like this, but knows that she’d rather he pretend everything is fine. On his way home, he can’t get the look on her face out of his mind. She looked so… broken. This wasn’t the Rae he knows. Fuckin’ Archie.